Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guard

The Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guards are built for the player that wants lightweight performance over protection. With their low profile; mid-sized construction; the Burn Arm Guards are considerably lighter than the more protective Evo Arm Pads. With these arm guards you will be able to shoot faster and have a wider range of motion making these pads heavily sought out by finesse players. With Warriors VPS (Ventilated Protection System) FOAM; players that wear these arm guards are able to have an improved fit that reduces weight and absorbs impact. They also are equipped with NO-SLIP GEL PRINT inserts on the bicep and triceps that prevent the arm guard from slipping off in wet and sweaty conditions. Lastly; this arm guard has WARTECH FLX liner that will keep you dry with its moisture wicking material.

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Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guard Review

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Guard is just cool man. For 79.99, it's unachievable arm guards.

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