Robbe & Berking - Avenue Vegetable Server

Add decadent vintage design to your dining settings with this Avenue vegetable server from Robbe & Berking. This opulent range is plated with the finest quality 150g massive plate silver, signified by the small mammoth hallmark next to the signature R & B. Each piece in this collection features a slightly flared handle with small ridges that beautifully display the contrast between light & shadow. A minimum of 60 micron silver is used in every Robbe & Berking plated utensil, (the average being between 20-30 microns) placing this fabulous cutlery far above competition. A comprehensive range of Avenue cutlery is available individually, along with more stunning silverware designs from Robbe & Berking. Each piece of coveted Robbe & Berking silverware is created using traditional silversmith techniques honed by master craftsmen over the centuries, which guarantees superior quality at every step. Fashioned from the finest silver & silver plate, all of their luxurious products exhibit a brilliant shine and no matter which classic or contemporary style chosen, every range is certain to add unparalleled sophistication to any setting. Key features: * Robbe & Berking - world renowned silversmiths * Material: 150g silver plate, nickel base * Approx. dimensions: L23cm / L9" * High quality silver plate with at least 60 micron silver used * Classic vintage design with slight fan shaped handles * R & B hallmark * Mammoth hallmark signifies 150g massive plate silver used * Corroding may occur if stored with stainless steel items * Remove food particles immediately with gentlest detergent * Dishwasher safe - turn dry cycle off & dry by hand * Polish flatware as needed with a flannel cloth & silver polish * Comprehensive Avenue cutlery range available * More cutlery styles available from Robbe & Berking

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Robbe & Berking - Avenue Vegetable Server Review

When you are looking for fast and special serving bowls & tureens, that is something for you. Nothing is better at this particular 243.00.

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