NEW Genuine Volvo Wheel Center Cap (64mm) 30666913

Wheel center cap (2.5 diameter cap) for any 850 (wth 5 double spoke 6.5 X15 wheel) S70/V70 98-00 and C70 98-04 (with Ariane 6.5x15 wheel Spica 6.5 x 15 wheel Chiron 6.5 x 15 wheel Antlia 6.5 x 15 wheel Naiad 6.5 x 15 wheel Terra 6.5 x 15 wheel and Prospero 6.5 x 15 wheel) S80 (with Argon wheel Musca wheel Prospero wheel Saurus wheel Lysithea wheel Regulus wheel Miram wheel Icarus wheel Sirius wheel Ursa wheel :Phoenix wheel Eurus wheel Canopus wheel Arrakis wheel Capella black chrome wheel Sentinal polished wheel Thor wheel Interceptor wheel Stentor wheel Otrera polished wheel Orestes polished wheel Orpheus wheel Talos wheel) XC90 S/V 40 00-04 (with Crater 7x16 wheel .Cronus 6.5 x 16 wheel) . Check diameter (2.5) and verify p/n (30666913 or 3546923) on old wheel cap before ordering.

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NEW Genuine Volvo Wheel Center Cap (64mm) 30666913 Review

I have got one two weeks ago. I can say it is one of the best Genuine Volvo in the branch. I am absolutely satisfied.

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