I-Semble (TM) Cross Strap Shelf Stabilizer Kit

Building backless shelving systems and furniture with our I-Semble (TM) Slip-on Shelf Brackets (47934, sold separately) couldn't be much simpler, but if the shelving system is very large, you might need some additional support against racking. That's where the I-Semble (TM) Cross Strap Book shelf Stabilizer Kit comes in. Without clunky braces or supports, the two wires in the system ""tie off"" the diagonals of your bookshelf to prevent racking. The wires thread through four banjo screws (included) at the corners, which act much like banjo tuners, adding balanced tension as needed. The metal L-brackets that hold the banjo screws wrap around the wooden parts, ensuring that the banjo screws will not tear out, even in substrates such as MDF and particle board. The stabilizer kit also works beautifully on any ordinary shelf or cabinet that needs additional support against racking, such as older furniture where the joints have started to loosen up.Technical Details:Provides support against racking without ugly braces or supports.A very modern minimalist look, no backs required to stabilize your bookshelves.Metal L-brackets securely attach to the wooden elements in your bookshelf, preventing tearout and loosening over time.Zinc-plated finish on all hardware.Diagonals need not extend to the extreme corners of your bookshelf or shelving system, but two kits may be required for very large projects.

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I-Semble (TM) Cross Strap Shelf Stabilizer Kit Review

Just now unboxed radical I-Semble (TM) Cross Strap Shelf Stabilizer Kit. I'm flabbergasted of the additional!

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