AR-15 Mag Rack

Mag Storage Solutions provides a universal storage solution. This product holds six 30 round AR-15 magazines at a time and can be mounted inside your gun safe, weapons room, or any area where you store and organize your magazines. Features: Easily store and organize your AR-15 magazines Mount in your gun safe, weapons room or ammo locker Magazines snap in/out for secure protection against accidental damage Be safe and responsible by organizing your mags in one location Compatible with most .223 and 5.56 caliber mags Made in the USA Compatible Mags:.223 and 5.56X45 calibers Magpul Pmag 30rd. .223 Magpul Pmag 30rd. w/window .223 Magpul Pmag w/ Ranger Plate 30Rd. .223 Magpul Emag 30rd. AR-15 .223 Magpul Gen 3 Pmag AR-15 30Rd. .223 Black Dawn, Zombie Pmag AR-15 30rd. .223 Troy Industries Battlemag 30rd. AR-15 .223 Lancer 30rd. L5 5.56X45 (.223) CAA Countdown 30rd. AR-15 (Cabela's) .223 EMA Tactical Countdown 30rd. AR-15 .223 Brownells AR-15 30rd. .223 Brownells AR-15 30rd. Tactical Mag. .223 D&H Industries AR-15 30rd. .223 MAG EMA AR-15 30rd. .223 Fusil 30rd. AR-15 mag .223 Bushmaster 30 rd. AR-15 .223 AR-Stoner 30rd. AR-15 .223 HK 30rd. 5.56X45 (.2 (more...)

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AR-15 Mag Rack Review

I've only had this AR-15 Mag Rack for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a additional

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